Are Pinty Scopes Any Good? It’s A Big Yes From Us!

If you were looking for reliable rifle equipment, the chances are you’ve come across Pinty scopes. Over the last few years, the brand has been very popular among users.

In this article, we are doing a detailed Pinty scope review to help you choose the right gear for your needs. Let’s take a look at the top-rated scopes made by this company, and see how they perform!

1.     Pinty Illuminated Mil-Dot Tactical Scope Combo

pinty opticsWe are starting with a laser scope constructed from aluminum alloy. That keeps the product light, but you can also attach it to Weaver or Picatinny rails easily.

While this is one of the more affordable scopes out there, the unit seems to be a great value for money. The product has a 40mm objective, and its magnification goes up to ten times. That secures optimal versatility and should be more than enough for your needs.

The lenses are clear, and they deliver an image of decent quality. The Kellner eyepiece features dioptric alteration to deal with image aberration, and the unit also offers precise elevation and windage adjustment.

The field of view is 32.5’ at 100 yards. The illuminated reticle will help you to get a swift acquisition of targets. You can choose between five different levels of green and red brightness so that you can fit the scope to different lighting conditions.

One of the things that could be better is the eye relief, but that is far from being a deal-breaker. The important thing is that it is easy to get used to how the product works.

The package includes a battery that you need to charge, as well as a lens cover, storage box, and cleaning cloth for maintenance.


  • Lenses are clear and provide decent quality
  • Easy to get used to the product
  • Excellent value for money


  • Eye relief could be better

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VERDICT: Easy to use, versatile, and reliable scope.

2.     Pinty Red Green Holographic Rifle Scope

pinty tactical Our next Pinty scope review features another unit constructed of professional-grade aluminum alloy. That ensures a light and durable product that is resistant to shock, fog, and water. Thanks to that, you can use the scope regardless of the weather outside.

The coolest feature might be the reticle selector. The product has green and red reticle with four patterns you can pick. The field of view that this Pinty scope offers is 15.8m@100m. Thanks to the 33mm object aperture, you will get an optimal image quality each time you use the device.

Vintage and elevation adjustment is also there. The good news is that you won’t have to do a lot of adjusting before you start using the unit. The product may be more suitable for broad daylight, but you can also get decent performance in low-light environments.

The scope uses a battery to operate, but the battery life is not that impressive. Fortunately, that shouldn’t affect your experience as long as you charge your battery before you head outside.


  • The reticle selector offers four patterns
  • Vintage and elevation adjustment
  • Suitable for different weather conditions


  • The battery could last longer

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VERDICT:  A versatile scope with a reticle selector and numerous adjustment options.

3.     Pinty Rangefinder Rifle Scope Red Green Dot Laser Sight 4 in 1

pinty holographic sight If we are talking about versatile scopes, we have to mention this unit. Instead of one, you get four different applications in this set. Are you looking for a green laser sight? Perhaps you prefer a rangefinder riflescope? Or you are looking for a green/red dot sight?

Either way, this scope will deliver! Okay, that sounds like a commercial, but the scope is versatile, and that is one of his biggest benefits.

The rangefinder has magnification up to nine times and a 32mm objective diameter. You can choose between five brightness levels to ensure optimal performance in all surroundings. At 100 yards, the scope’s field of view is from 13.4 to 40.38’.

The optics have multiple coating, nitrogen filling, and O-ring sealing. That enables them excellent fog and water resistance. If you like hunting in severe weather conditions, that will be important to you.

The reticle selector offers four patterns, brightness control, and a 22mm objective aperture. The batteries come with the product, but their duration could be better. Additionally, the overall weight of the scope is a bit higher when compared to other models.


  • A rangefinder scope, green laser sight, and green/red dot sight
  • Durable optics with multiple coating
  • Excellent water and fog resistance


  • It is not that light

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VERDICT:  An impressive all-in-one unit that combines durability and performance. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that our Pinty scope review helped you pick the right model for your needs. It is not an easy choice, especially when you are facing various models and brands on the market.

That is why we wanted to make the selection process easier by pointing out features of the brand’s top-rated units. Ultimately, the important thing is that you cannot go wrong with Pinty, so go ahead and pick your favorite!