Tasco Essential Binoculars

Tasco is known for its sports optics and its Essential line of binoculars is a prime example of what they can produce. There are 6 models under the Essential line with magnification ranging from 8 to 12 and objective lens diameter from 21 to 25mm. They have fully coated lens, the roof prism system, center focus system, and fold-down eye cups. It is recommended as a compact pair of binoculars with clear vision and just a few minor issues.

Review of the Tasco Essential Binoculars

Tasco Essential Binoculars review

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There are 6 models under the Tasco Essential line in black and camo designs. The difference lies in their dimensions, weight, and size. The six models are 81/21mm, 10/25mm, and 12/25mm. The exit pupil ranges from 2.1 to 2.6 and the field of view ranges are 240/80 to 383/128.

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All models are easy to use, compact, steady, and fairly good under poor lighting conditions considering the price tag. The right eyepiece can be rotated to adjust to your eye distance. It is very light with fully coated lenses and the roof prism system. You can adjust focus by turning the center dial and the diopter ring found on the right side.

The 8/21 is less than $20 which makes it an impressive piece with the good clarity and resilience. It can handle quite a bit of rough use including being dropped in wet snow, mud, and from a height of 7 feet with a soft landing. The neck cord is built-in and cannot be removed and the fabric carry case can be attached to your belt with the Velcro strap.

On the downside, the binoculars are not the best in the market and you will have to buy a replacement eventually because these will not last with frequent use.


The Tasco Essential binoculars is an affordable line with 6 models to choose from. They are compact, light, and does the job of a basic bino. It is, however, not a keeper and will probably work well for under a year with moderate use. The lower-priced models are good to buy so you get an idea of the quality without feeling bad once it breaks down – and it will in time.

3 Main Good Points

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap

3 Main Bad Points

  • Not good for long distance viewing
  • Not a keeper and will diminish in quality viewing over time
  • Hard to find the perfect focus and poor zoom
Tasco Essential Binoculars specs

Physical Features

  • Weight: 184.3 grams, 260.8 grams, 323 grams
  • Optic Measure: From 8/21, 10/25, and 12/25
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 21 to 25mm
  • Tripod Adapter/Mount: None
  • Amazon User Review Rating: 4.1/5.0 Stars

If you are looking for a cheap pair of binoculars in the lower price bracket, then these would be a great choice for the money.  

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