Why Binoculars Have A Special Place In My Heart

Binoculars hold a special place in my heart. The first pair I remember getting were a gift from my late uncle. I was recovering from a broken foot so I couldn’t go outside and the worst part was that it was summer time. I would sit in front my window for hours watching the other children play in the park across the street.

The injury would not let me walk much less run around. One day, my uncle came to visit and brought a pair of binoculars that he used for bird watching. As I looked through them, my imagination was ignited. The thought of being able to look far away without having to be there was amazing.

I managed to spot a mother hawk on a tall building about 10 blocks from my house. Every day at around the same time she would fly to the nest and I would see the three little head emerge from it. She would then feed each one until she had no more. The point of this story is to emphasize how great a pair of binoculars could be for both children and adults. They can open up the world to you. You will be able to see things that you never thought possible.

The cost for a good pair of binoculars is something that most people can afford. Generally, you can find a good pair for less than $100. This is also a great present for a child. If you need a present for an adult, some binoculars have extra features that may interest them. There are binoculars available with night vision. This is very cool but can get expensive.

There are also binoculars that allows you to record or take pictures of your target. If money is not an object, there are tons of great features that you can get for your binoculars.

However, money can be sometimes a big object. So you should set yourself a budget even for something like binoculars. I learned how to set my first budget when I was setting everything up for my wedding. Yes, it’s tough to be a bride on a budget but I had too. I know this because my sister is still paying for her wedding date. I knew what my budget was for everything. Things like the wedding cake and dress were already taken care of. Ever since then I set a budget for everything, and I recommend that you do as well!

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