Celestron Ultima LX Series Telescope Eyepieces

The Celestron Ultima LX Eye pieces are exceptionally high in quality and superb in performance. Ultima LX offers a wide 70º field of view allows for excellent observation of deep sky objects such as nebulae, and it is designed with comfort and convenience in mind as well with twist-up eye cups for better eye relief, no-slip grip for secure handling, and ergonomic design. It is definitely the right choice if you’re looking for high quality eyepieces to go with your telescope.

Celestron Ultima LX Series Telescope Eyepieces

Celestron Ultima LX Series Telescope Eyepieces Features

  • Ultima LX 1.25 & 2 Inch Format Amazing 70 degree Field – Wide FOV offers low and high magnifications
  • Eye Cups that twist up – these are a fantastic feature for people that wear glasses!
  • Par-focal eyepiece – You will not need to refocus when changing view from high to low power
  • Threaded barrels – Accept 1-1/4″or 2″ Celestron thread-in filters (Selected Model)
  • Built to last – covered in a strong Shock resistant covering –  Prevents dents and scratches
  • Great Grip – non slip – Great for handling in moist conditions
  • Ergonomic Designed Roll guard –  this prevents and stops eye piece rolling on flat surfaces
  • Long 16mm Eye Relief
  • Celestron Limited Warranty

Celestron has a great reputation it warrants its products not to have defects in its materials and workmanship for the length of time specified by this product to the original owner. To see all details on warranty please ensure to visit their website for each specific product. Celestron offers a great warranty where they will repair and also replace the telescope simply contact Celestron, for instructions.

Obviously their warranty will not cover products that have been misused by the owner, altered or been required by an unauthorized repairer. Along with defects due to normal wear and tear and other conditions.

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Celestron will make reasonable efforts to repair or replace any purchased product usually within thirty calendar days of receiving product. Their customer service is excellent and if there are any delays or problems they will notify you immediately to discuss.  That’s another reason why I recommend Celestron products!

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