Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular

You may fall in love with the Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular the first time you look through it. It isn’t perfect, but it is very affordable and has many great features.

The product delivers excellent value for money. Moreover, it may be the best binocular under $50 you can find on the market.


Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular – Overview

Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA, Zip Focus Binocular 

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Before we head into details, here is some basic information about this product:

  • It has a 50mm objective lens and a 10x magnification
  • A wide field of view of 367’
  • A lightweight product whose weight is only 26.4 ounces
  • It has fold down eye cups – Great for people who wear glasses!

It is important to mention that the company behind the product is Tasco. This manufacturer was founded in 1954. Today, it is one of the biggest consumer telescope distributors in the world. They are known as a reliable brand and reputable brand for decades now. The company designs both entry-level, affordable, and premium products.

What You Should Know About Zip Focus

binocular under $50 for kids

An official manual is there to tell you everything about the zip focus. The basic thing you should know is that this is a center focus system. It utilizes central focusing levels located between the barrels.

Thanks to that, the manufacturer packed amazing focus performance in the compact product size. The binocular uses a 50mm objective lens, and it can magnify objects ten times.

The great thing about zip focus is that it only takes making a half-turn of the wheel to pass through the whole focus range. Keep in mind the wheel is mounted on the central part of the binoculars for easier navigation.

A Wide Field of View and Image Clarity

If you ever wanted to enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings, you will be delighted with the Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular. The wide field of vision is truly spectacular, but it is the quality of the image that surprised us.

The image clarity is what might make this the best binocular under $50. The premium Porro prism design ensures optimal sharpness even despite the 10x magnification.

The incredible zooming capacity makes this unit perfect for sports.  That includes hunting and birdwatching, but you can also use it if you are a fan of the outdoors. Once you get skilled enough, even riding a bike and using the product can be possible. However, make sure to be careful and stay safe at all times.

The multi-coated lenses will ensure that brightness remains optimal even when the Sun gets in the way. Please note you cannot use the product at night. The good news is that it may provide decent performance in relatively low-light conditions.

Suitable for Those Wearing Glasses

best binoculars under $50 for kids Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular has another amazing component – the fold-down eyecups are made of rubber. That guarantees a firm and comfortable grip. It also makes the product an excellent choice for those wearing glasses.

You will notice that the rubber armor is very durable. That is important, considering that you will probably use the product outdoor. The armor has adequate shock-absorbing capabilities. That should increase the durability of the binoculars.

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Use Them in Different Weather Conditions

We are still not done with useful features of the Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular. The premium quality materials are weatherproof and water-resistant. That means that rain or bad weather cannot compromise the performance of the product.

You should still ensure to minimize contact with the water. Although rain or the product falling in a pond for a couple of seconds shouldn’t harm it, it is only water-resistant and not waterproof. That means submerging it into the water may affect its performance.

Easy to Use and Versatile

It is a shame that you can’t mount Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular on a tripod. However, that is a minor imperfection and one that shouldn’t affect your final decision to buy this product.

On the other hand, another pro you can add on the list is the ease of use. Even children can learn how to use this product quickly. Amazingly, the unit managed to ensure maximum versatility while securing that operating the unit remains effortless.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, this product delivers great performance and durability, especially at this price range. The central knob makes focusing simple, and the image quality remains clear and sharp at all times.

The components are of excellent quality to ensure optimal durability. The rubber armor ensures optimal shock resistance, and it also provides a comfortable grip.

At the same time, the product is lightweight and easy to carry around. You will figure out how to use the unit in seconds even if you don’t have previous experience with similar devices. Tasco Essentials 10×50 WA Zip Focus Binocular is a device that deserves a shot, especially if you are a casual user.

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