Wheeler Engineering Professional Optics Fastener Kit

If you are in a gun-related business, especially mounting optics, you should consider acquiring the Wheeler Engineering Professional Optics Fastener Kit. Mounting a scope is not rocket science. If you have a little bit of experience and the right equipment, you can do a great job. Doing things right can turn even a subpar rifle into a reliable and precise weapon at long ranges. 

Are you wondering what makes this product special? That is what we will find out in this review!

Wheeler Engineering Professional Optics Fastener Kit

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Is It This the Best scope mounting kit Out There?

Take a look at the box and notice how it says that this is a “158-piece set.” It sounds amazing that the set contains that many pieces. That is what may make this the best scope mounting kit out there.

The kit includes slotted fillister heads, slotted oval heads, several T-15 Torx options, as well as windage, plugs, and taps.

In other words, Wheeler Optics Fastener Kit has everything that a skilled scope mounter may need. We expected nothing less from this manufacturer. The company has years of experience and a tradition of manufacturing premium gunsmithing supplies.

Premium Quality Package for All Gunsmiths Out There

best scope mounting kit review

However, if you want to maximize the results, you need the best scope mounting kit. For a box that packs more than 150 pieces, you will notice that this product is quite light.

The box itself is very durable, and it comes with a neat black zinc surface finish. That makes it both cool and resistant to corrosion. We haven’t seen such a sturdy case in a long time, and corrosion resistance only contributes to that.

Exceptional Components to Serve You for a Long Time

best scope mounting kit for gun

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The box looks neat and durable, but it is the component that we should focus on in our review. We already know that there are many useful pieces in the case.

For example, you can find 6-48 and 8-40 taps. These are everything you will need to take care of damaged treads on both ring sets and guns. They should make the repair effortless.

When it comes to fasteners, it’s not easy to find ones you can rely on at all times. Moreover, they are often of inadequate quality or durability of the rings and bases. That leads to users losing or damaging fasteners easily.

That won’t happen with the Wheeler Optics Fastener Kit. The fasteners officially belong to the Grade 8 category. That means the fasteners are exceptionally strong, and that is because the manufacturer used tempered and quenched alloy steel as the material of choice. They chose the best way to maximize the durability of the fasteners.

How to Mount with the Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit

You may be wondering about the process of mounting with this equipment. The experts recommend that you start with degreasing everything to prevent mishaps down the road.

Turn the base of the scope to the other side and add a bit of thread locker to the base bottom. You want to aim for the place where it touches the action. The goal is to keep the base safe from moisture and corrosion. Next, put the base on the action and adjust screw holes to be in line with each other.

Use the thread locker again and apply it to the pace where the screws end. Place them in the predicted holes and slowly tighten them down.  If some thread locker escaped from its position, make sure to remove it.

Mounting Rings on the Scope

It is time to place rings on the base of the scope. Keep pushing them in the predicted slot, and then use your fingers to tighten the cross bolt. Keep in mind that the ring position varies on the type of the rifle and the scope.

Check out the instructions and tighten the rings with a suitable torque. It is vital to check the manual because the torque can go up to 65 in/lbs, but you want to find the right settings to keep the rings undamaged.

The next step when mounting with the Wheeler Engineering Professional Optics Fastener Kit is to place the scope in the rings. You can use the L-L-L system that utilizes two levels. Place one over the elevation turret, and the other in action. The goal is to get a clear edge in the field of view. You probably won’t get it right the first time, so make sure to test eye relief and do some repositioning if needed.

Getting Ready to Zero the Scope

Now, you should change ring caps, and use a 15 in/lbs torque to tighten them. Make sure the rings’ sides have an equal gap. Once you confirm that, you can head to the range and start zeroing your weapon.

You can now use lapping bars included to lap the rings. It may not be necessary, but it can help to optimize the scope further. Make sure to practice for a bit, and you will become an expert in mounting scopes. Using the Wheeler Engineering Professional Optics Fastener Kit can only make that road shorter, and enable you to get to the desired results quickly.



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