Best Long Range Binoculars for Hunting

Are you looking for the best long range binoculars for hunting? Choosing the right product is not an easy task since you can find many great binoculars nowadays. That is why we did the footwork for you and conducted in-depth market analysis.

Take a look at our reviews of products that could easily be the best binoculars for hunting you have ever tried. You will also discover which factors to consider when choosing this product. That way, you will easily find the unit that is most suitable for your needs.

Long Range Binoculars Reviews

1.      Celestron 71008 SkyMaster


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The first thing you notice is the sleek design, but once you see this unit in action, you realize why it is a contender for the best binoculars for hunting.

For starters, this porro prism unit has an impressive 25x magnification and a 70mm objective diameter. Thanks to the large lens, the product can deliver an image of excellent quality and brightness at long-ranges and in low-light conditions.

The field of view is 141 feet at 1,000 yards while close focus distance is 75 feet. The item is great for watching animals on the ground, as well as birds in the sky. The rubber armor promotes durability and makes the product water-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about it if the rain starts falling.

Why You Should Consider It

  • 25x magnification and a large 70mm objective diameter
  • Durable and water-resistant rubber coating
  • Suitable for low-light conditions

2.      Bushnell Powerview

 Long Range Binoculars are the best binoculars for hunting

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Bushnell is a reputable brand, and these may be the best binoculars for hunting that they have designed for beginners. Although it is an entry level unit, it still has many great features. The objective diameter is 50mm, and the magnification is 20x to ensure optimal performance.

The field of view is 170 feet at 1,000 yards, which is more than adequate if you consider these are affordable long range binoculars. The durability of this porro prism unit exceeds all expectations with top-quality materials and rubber armor. The latter ensures a non-slip grip while absorbing shock well.

The manufacturer used multicoated optics to ensure that brightness will be adequate in all situations. The product does an impressive job in focusing thanks to the single-touch focus system.

Why You Should Consider It

  • Great value for money
  • Amazing image sharpness and brightness
  • Suitable for beginners

3.      Nikon 8252 ACULON A211

 Long Range Binoculars specs 

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If you are looking for premium long range binoculars, Nikon’s unit may be the right fit. Eco-glass was the company’s material of choice for multicoated lenses that have a unique zoom feature. The 50mm objective diameter does a good job, but it is the 10x to 22x range allows you plenty of room to find the desired magnification range in any situation.

Regardless of the distance you select, multicoating will secure optimal image brightness. While versatility is a crucial benefit of this unit, its durability is also impressive. The rubber-armored coating is resistant to severe weather conditions and prevents any slipping. That makes the grip safe and comfortable to use at all times.

It is also vital to mention the rubber eye cups that will ensure a custom fit and optimal eye relief.

Even if you use the product for hours, you probably won’t have any eye strain issues.

The field of view is 199 feet at 1,000 yards while the close focus distance is 49.2 feet at a 10x zoom.

Why You Should Consider It

  • Adjustable zoom from 10x to 22x
  • Excellent eye relief
  • An impressive field of view

How to Choose Long Range Binoculars

Now that you are familiar with the best binoculars for hunting out there, you might be wondering how to choose the unit that perfectly fits your needs. Take a look at the factors to consider during the purchasing process:

Magnification and Objective Diameter

The manufacturer post product descriptions for their binoculars and mention something like “10×50 unit.” The first number stands for the unit’s magnification, and the latter shows the objective diameter.

If you are looking to observe objects from a long distance, look for as much magnification as possible. You can even find units where you can adjust the range, which adds to the versatility and gives you the freedom to magnify to the desired level.

As for the objective diameter, it is directly related to the brightness and sharpness of the images. Once again, the bigger the lens, the better the image. However, a bigger lens is also heavier, so make sure to choose wisely and avoid binoculars being a burden.

Field of View

It marks a visible area, and the manufacturers usually include how the unit performs at 1,000 yards. As you zoom in the desired object, the field area will decrease. The field of view can be essential for observing animals and objects for afar, which is why most manufacturers include a wide angle in their products.

Other Features to Consider

Here are some other factors you can keep in mind when choosing binoculars:

  • Low-light performance – if you plan to hunt at night, dawn, or sunset, you need a unit that can perform in low-light conditions.
  • Coating – rubber armor is recommended as it ensures non-slip grip and promotes durability.
  • Eye relief – if you plan on using the product for a long time, it is vital that it has optimal eye relief.


When choosing the binoculars, you should choose particular features based on how you plan to use them. It is important not to rush your decision and make sure the product is a perfect fit. If you are choosing long range binoculars, large magnification and objective diameter and a wide field of vision are the essential parameters to consider.