How to Zero a CVLife Scope

CVLife scope is an excellent choice for all those looking to improve their long-range accuracy. If you want to prove yourself as a hunter, you need reliable and top-quality equipment.

While this rimfire scope is one of the best in its category, you need to zero it to maximize its performance. If you are a newbie, you may have doubts about the process, but there is no need to worry. Follow the simple steps provided below, and you will complete the zeroing procedure in no time.

A Step by Step Guide to Zeroing Your CVLife Scope

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Before you start with the process, make sure you mounted the equipment properly. Apart from that, you should have a paper target. You can buy this online or make it yourself, but please note it should have a dot in the center. A single horizontal and vertical line should go through the dot in the middle. It is wise to have several paper targets to zero the scope perfectly.

Head to a shooting range or an open field. However, make sure that the environment is secured and you won’t harm anyone during the process. It would be best if there is no wind at all, but a minimum amount shouldn’t be an issue.

Step 1: Position the Target and Yourself

cvlife scope comparison chart

The first thing you want to do is to think about your position. Once you establish where you will shoot from, count 25 yards in the desired direction. That is the distance where you should place the target.

Now, return to your position and get into a shooting post. The idea is to keep the rifle as calm as possible. Any motion can affect the results of the zeroing process, and that will subsequently affect the rifle’s performance.

That is why it is best to find steady ground. A rock or sandbag will do, but you can also improvise a shooting platform of your choice.

Step 2: Test Your Aim

It is time to shoot at the target now. If you’ve never used the CVLife scope with your rifle, go ahead and fire three rounds.

The goal is to set up a starting point. It is why you should have the rounds approximately within a 1-inch box.

Step 3: It’s Time for Comparison

Compare the results of the targeted area and the area you hit. Use that feedback and change the windage and elevation on your CVLife scope.

As long as you know the basic characteristics of your equipment, you should have problems with making the adjustments. You can find a knob to find the desired vertical point, and another one to set the windage.

Step 4: Fire at the Target Again

It is time to fire another three rounds at the paper target. Now, compare the results with the ones achieved the previous time you fired. You should be closer to the targeted area at this point.

If you are farther, the chances are you haven’t adjusted everything properly. Try making the same adjustments, but in the opposite direction. Instead of down, you go up, and instead of left, you adjust the knob to the right.

Step 5: Find the Perfect Adjustment

Continue adjusting the rimfire scope until you are perfectly satisfied with the shooting results. Please note this is important for using the rifle, so take your time. Only proceed to the next step once you are sure that the results meet your expectations.

Step 6: Increase the Distance

Remember how we positioned the target at 25 yards? It is now time to move it to 100 yards. Use a new paper target to get optimal feedback from the shooting.

Once you place the target, it is time to fire at it again. Repeat the same process and see the difference between the targeted area and the section you hit. The chances are not a lot of adjustments will be needed despite the fact you significantly increased the distance.

Step 7: Write Down Everything

Finally, you can also test your settings at higher distances, such as 200 yards or more. You can write down the adjustments you made to ensure you can easily set them once you are out hunting. Also, that will make it easier to adjust your CVLife scope to any distance in no time.

CVLife Scope Review

Our CVLife Scope review provides in-depth information about one of the best long-range scopes on the market. We analyzed why users have such a high opinion of this product. In this article, we will investigate its most important features and how they contribute to performance. Keep reading to discover all the pros and cons of this unit, and find out why it should become an essential part of your hunting equipment.

CVLife Scope Basic Information

  • Magnification: 2.5x – 10x
  • Objective Diameter: 40mm
  • Field of View:9 feet @10x, up to 32.5 feet @2.5x / 100 yards
  • Exit Pupil:17 inches @10x, up to 0.52 inches @2.5x
  • Eye Relief: 3 inches @10x, up to 4 inches @2.5x

At first glance, this unit seems like a product that can perform well at a long range. Our CVLife Scope review dives deeply into each of the features to provide you with detailed information about the product. That way, you can decide whether it is the right fit for you.

Adjustable Magnification

The first thing users notice in these products is magnification. The overall rule for long-range sights it that they should have as high magnification as possible. CVLife secures optimal long-distance performance with the maximum zoom being 10x.

The trick with this unit is that it has adjustable magnification. That means you can choose the desired magnification level based on your needs. In the case of this product, you can magnify from 2.5x to 10x. That increases the versatility of the scope.

If you need to aim at a short range, you can use the lowest settings. On the other hand, if you need to spot a target from afar, use the highest possible magnification.

Keep in mind that other performance parameters may vary depending on the settings you select. For example, if you go with the 10x setting, the field of view will be 11.53 feet at 100 yards, and the eye relief will be set at three inches.

However, if you go with the short-range 2.5x zoom, you can expect a wider field of vision. It would be 34.86 feet at 100 yards while eye relief would increase to four inches.

A Fairly Large Objective Diameter

The objective diameter is set at 40mm, which is relatively large compared to similar products. You will find products with a bigger diameter, but the trick is in optimizing weight and performance. There is no need to have a large lens if you are rarely going to use it. It will only wear you down due to the extra weight.

That is why 40mm seems like a great choice. Let’s be clear and say it would probably still take time to get used to additional weight, especially if you haven’t used long-range sights before. However, the objective is still light enough so that it is not a burden in any way.

When it comes to image sharpness, the unit does a great job in light transmittance. That is because the product is equipped with a green lens and a multicoating. The standard lens is blue, but this one is green, which enables excellent image clarity.

2-in-1 Design – A Scope and Laser

If you decide to go ahead and purchase CVLife, you will not only get a scope but a gun sight laser, too. It is IIIA class laser that uses 2mW of power and has a 650nm wavelength. The reason why it was included is to improve your precision.

The laser performs well and makes the unit suitable for beginners. However, even experienced users will appreciate help when shooting, especially when they realize laser improves their results. You should only make sure that you have the batteries to power the gun sight laser.  The sight requires three batteries that belong to the LR1130 class.

Those are not the only batteries you will need since you can also use a CR2032 one to illuminate the reticle. It is another useful feature that will make using the product easier. It is part of the reason why you can use this product in low-light conditions, which users who hunt at dusk and dawn will appreciate.

Finally, let’s mention that the installation is fairly simple, too. You can mount the scope on your rifle by using the 20mm mounts in no time.

CVLIfe Scope Review: Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable magnification with levels varying from 2.5x to 10x
  • Excellent image quality and sharpness
  • A side-mounted gun sight laser can improve your shooting
  • You can illuminate the reticle for enhanced control and precision


  • It may take a bit of time to get used to the additional weight
  • You need batteries to illuminate the reticle and power the laser

Final Verdict

There is no such thing as a perfect scope, but CVLife comes near that title. The adjustable magnification ensures admirable versatility and suitability to use at both short and long ranges. Premium lens and other components ensure optimal image quality.

In terms of performance, you can expect consistent results. The illuminated reticle and the gun sight laser secure a high level of precision and control even for newbies. That rounds up our CVLife Scope review, and we can only hope that you now have all the necessary information about this product.


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