Too Many Binoculars – How To Pick The Best

Can you have too many binoculars? And the answer is unequivocally no. My wife asked me this, and I stared at her in disbelief. Just where did this question come from? What could she possibly be thinking? After composing myself and gaining some modicum of decorum, I set about logically explaining the need for many different binoculars. I explained, to be fair, that one does have a favorite pair of binoculars.

I carry an Audubon Equinox HP most of the time, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They are good in low light situations as well in the bright of day. They have a good field of view and show quality images in which one can easily distinguish colors. I have been in situations where there is water and have not been afraid because of the waterproofing and fog proofing of this model.

Audubon Equinox HP

Yet, I must tell you, I also have a pair of Audubon compacts sitting near the den windows. I have a backyard that is a grand place for birds. I know there have been over 50 species of birds that have visited my back yard and the ravine behind it. Everyone in the house and many visitors have had occasion to use these.

Sometimes, these binoculars are picked up absent-mindedly, and before the user has realized it, he is looking out and making some startling discovery. Next thing you know, we’ve (pardon the pun) fledged a new birder. Their use has provided many with views of woodpeckers, Great-crested flycatchers, Orchard Orioles, Common Yellowthroats, Sharp-shinned Hawks and more.

I keep a pair of binoculars in my car, too. You never know when you will be away from the house on your way to some destination when all of the sudden, there it is-a sighting of a lifetime. For instance, we were on our way to the Texas Hill Country, traveling Hwy 29 near Llano when we noticed many cars stopped.

What was all the commotion?

There was a nesting pair of Bald Eagles, and I was so happy to have my binoculars to grab. That nest has been active for several years now. Yet, that first day was one for the books, made all the better because of the binoculars I keep in the car.

Then, there is the pair of binoculars kept for those opportunities when a friend visits. My visitors and I often spend part of our time combing the woods and parks around here. It is always good to have some equipment convenient to enhance the experience. The decision to take a walk along some trail is made easier because we all will have a pair of binoculars to help us enjoy the wildlife we may encounter.

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